Fatima is a moody writer who tends to treat medium like a journal entry because she locked her diary in her cupboard and lost the key. Enjoy her time capsule.

If movies, books and ‘funny relationship’ anecdotes had taught me anything, it was that one’s life changes after a breakup of any sort of relationship. However, I really was not aware of exactly how drastically different the world you inhabit after a breakup is to the one you inhabit during a relationship.

The day we stopped talking, I snuggled in bed in a pitch black room in broad daylight. That part was normal, it is completely normal for a person to be depressed, then angry, then finally let go. I got one of the three stages. I stopped talking to my friends…

A fictional story based on the WNRS game. None of this represents real life and all similarities between real life and the characters is a pure coincidence. I’m lying, all of this is true.

Out of the 7.6 billion people in the world, the average person knows 600 and I…

A made up memory with the man who I am very grateful for.

Every Sunday morning without fail my grandfather would show up at my house with a new recipe in hand and groceries to bake something. While my entire family slept, ‘Nana’ and I would be dancing to Frank Sinatra, usually covered in flour from the mess we would create. Around noon…

(thoughts @ 2am)

I guess all I’m trying to wrap my head around, is the fact that life does not stop. It doesn’t stop when you go through a debilitating heartbreak, or when your mum dies or even if your cat died when you were six. However much I make myself out to…

Kamila’s Karachi

Waves crashing across the shore,
Tiptoeing on the sand, the edges of my shalwar spotted with sand, wet and crusty against my skin.
Grabbing a bhutta, we smile; we’re engulfed in the warmth- the sun, the sand and the toasty bhutta.

I step out of the jacuzzi, the cold hits…

When that one friend is still the most important to you, but all you have left is memories

You still remember:

The way they like their chai, always extra sugar at the bottom (chai in the cheeni, not cheeni in the chai).

The way the two of you listened to…

Fatima Pasha

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